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Weight No More

Another New Healthy Lifestyle Beginning!

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Well here I am again... close to a year since I started putting the weight back on after making such a great achievement last year. Let's blame it on my 50th birthday and that evil, addictive chocolate mud cake from the Cheesecake Shop.  Well let's face it, how can you celebrate your 50th with guests without your favourite type of cake. Yes it was that fateful day that had me spiralling down after putting so much effort into getting within 1 kg of my first goal weight of 55kg's. 

I had removed most processed sugar from my diet, except for the little bit that was in my nut bars, which I had on occasion along with some dried fruit such as dates. Other than that, I was only tasting the sweetness (of life) from fresh fruit and honey. Yep, perhaps it was the fact that I had turned 50 that had me indulging back into the mood altering delights of chocolate, sugar and carbs. It had taken me 3 weeks to lose the craving for sugar and in one fell swoop, that chocolate mud cake had me craving, not only sugar but chocolate and carbs again... sigh!

This is now the third time I will be losing weight in my lifetime. The first time was way back in my 30s after I trained and received my Reiki attunements. It was for sure, a life-changing time in my life. The second time was a couple of years ago (has it been that long) or there abouts when I was recommended to lose the extra kilos from around my midriff by my holistic doctor. Yep, I'm one of those sad people who has always struggled with the extra tyre (that's supposed to be a man thing, right?) Nope, even when I was young and thin, I always had a bit of a pot belly as if I was some malnourished starving child from Ethiopia. Well that may not be far from the truth because I believe I've had digestive issues most of my life which has made it difficult for my body to absorb and assimilate nutrients. Actually a live blood test two or three years ago showed how malnourished I was.

And of course, we also have to look at the fact the weight accumulates in the solar plexus region - one of the chakras I've often had trouble keeping in balance. Not to mention as an empath I look to food to deal with not only my emotions but what I take on from others around me. 

Anyway, I discovered through blood tests that I actually had a fatty liver. Most people think you get that from excessive alcohol consumption or medications but I rarely drink alcohol and I'm not on medications. No mine is from excess weight and my liver having difficulty removing toxins. The only solution was to lose excess weight and eating healthily. 

Now the liver is an important organ. First up problems with the liver can indicate anger issues. And yes, for most of my life I actually suppressed my anger. I was brought up in that time where children should be seen not heard and you certainly did not show your anger. I've had to learn to express my feelings verbally and that includes when I'm not happy, Jan. Physically speaking, the liver is probably one of the most important organs of the body. It filters toxins, but if there are excess toxins in the body, it has a hard time of it and if the blood isn't filtered properly, that's when issues with the heart can arise.

Anyway, many years ago I discovered I was gluten and lactose intolerant. You might think that would explain why I've had digestive issues my whole life. But I believe there's a lot more to it. A few years ago when I was suffering from adrenal exhaustion and complex post traumatic stress disorder, I was diagnosed with the biochemical imbalance - Pyrrole Disorder. If you're not sure what this is (most general doctors still do not have a clue) then I suggest you Google it. But for the better part, it means I basically am deficient in B6 and Zinc. This disorder which is mostly genetically acquired, which I believe is triggered by stress and trauma (had plenty of that in my life) can create many symptoms including food intolerances. Then to top things off I discovered I was undermethylated as well, which can cause anything from anxiety, depression to a lot more serious mental health issues. So the more anxiety, the more you can be deficient in B6 and Zinc. I might write more about this in the future.

So what causes all these biochemical imbalances? Good question. I'm not sure you can really put one finger on it. As a healer, I know how much our thoughts, feelings, and experiences can shape us. Epigenetics, which is basically the study of heritable changes in gene expression might be one factor worth considering. Now I'm no expert on all this but I do listen out for anything that might give me clues as to what's going on in this body of mine. From what I've been told, epigenetics is looking at how our genes are turned on and off by environmental factors such as chemicals and trauma/stress. We all have a certain gene pool, inherited by those who came before us. I believe epigenetics explains why for example a parent might have a gene for being susceptible to say lung cancer yet 3 children of that parent might smoke and get lung cancer while one other might smoke and not get it. It depends on whether the gene was switched on or off and if you've had a lot of trauma in your life or been subjected to chemicals including toxic metals. It's these environmental factors which can lead to these genetic issues or a marker being placed on the DNA which can change it or mutate it. (Please do your own research on this as it's been a while since I looked into it and I might not have explained it correctly). 

I do believe toxic metals has a lot to do with all this including gut issues.  For example, those with Pyrrole Disorder tend to have high levels of copper in their system due to the deficiency in zinc. And a few years ago I had a hair analysis test which proved my mercury levels were high also. So the question is, what comes first the chicken or the egg? Are digestive issues caused by toxic metals or is it the toxic metals which causes digestive issues? I'm still sitting on the fence with this one but I do believe toxic metals might be the cause of a lot of problems in the body, especially mental health issues. And I do believe that toxic metals can be transferred from the parents to child in utero. 

But the thing is, when you have toxic metals, it's very difficult to get rid of them unless your digestive system is in good shape. That's where a good healthy diet is the only real solution. So this is where I'm at. I've found that my body cannot tolerate a lot of food. So even though I was eating quite well before, it was still not enough. So the only way forward is to go as raw and natural as possible. 

Now, I know what works for me in losing weight and getting healthier, it doesn't necessarily mean what I do for me will work for you. We're all different and have differing requirements. A lot does depend on our genes as for example whether our bodies can tolerate a lot of starch and carbohydrates. Sometimes it's trial and error but we'll discuss more of this next time. 

So it's been about 2 weeks since I decided I had to get the weight back off again. Low energy levels is a tell-tale sign for me and brain fog, not to mention just noticing that protruding tummy when trying on clothes. I didn't have a functioning set of scales to check and ignored this for a while until I took the time to put a new battery in my scales and face the ugly truth again. 

I figured it would take a while to get things moving, as first up it usually takes at least 3 weeks for my body to start seeing any sign of positive change and secondly, I still had some foods in the cupboard which weren't going to make this happen too quickly. I don't want to do this weight loss in a hurry but I do want to see consistent results. I started out at 68.8kgs and I'm 5' 4" on a small frame. I'm too embarrassed to even share my waist measurement but let's just say I was horrified because it's the largest I've been around the midriff. I made the mistake of first measuring myself after lunch. The next morning I was 2 cms thinner, which goes to show how much certain foods bloat me. I measured myself the other day and I'd lost 1 cm, which I'm happy about as this is the most important thing for me. Not much change in the weight to date. I was down to 68.6kgs this morning.  

As you can see, this is a pretty candid look into my life and ongoing health problems. I guess that's why I was meant to be a healer in this lifetime, so I could learn as much about the body and emotional triggers as possible, to pass on the knowledge to others. The photo above is of me yesterday. Oh and I guess I should add a disclaimer. I am not a medical health professional or nutritionist so please seek advice from a professional if you wish to change your diet. This is my journey based on what has worked for me and my beliefs only.

Yours in health and harmony

Jen xo

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