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Jenny The Singing Healer

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The Heart of Healing

Welcome to the Dark Side

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We've all been there before... They call it the dark night of the soul. It's that abyss we seem to fall into when we are working through the layers of the onion that is our past mixed with 'what the f*@k do I do next.' It used to be a place I frequented often, as I went through years of healing. Now it's more a 'once in a blue moon' kind of thing for me. 

But I admit I was there recently when I felt my world being shaken up again, when it appeared I had no control over external factors in my life... and I have been known to be a bit of a control freak. I continuously work on this, now remembering to surrender to the Creator Of All That Is, when I'm out of logical options, for it is the heart and soul that truly knows the answers. 

These days the dark nights are brief, if you can even call them that. Now they're more like a little speed bump in the road as I've learnt to pull myself out fairly quickly with supportive friends, positive thoughts and the right supplementation to support the nervous system. They no longer frighten me, and actually I embrace them, knowing it's okay to be in this place at this moment. I know this too shall pass. 

I always keep my peripheral vision on my dream, even while in the midst of the cloud that's formed over the lens. Denying our emotions or suppressing them does not help us move through them to heal. First we must sit in the feeling of self pity... not forever or for an extended period of time, but we must acknowledge it. We must acknowledge the hurt, the anger, the frustration, the sadness, the 'it's not fair' attitude and whatever else we're feeling which is not love. 

Sweeping our emotions under the carpet does not allow us to honor the self as a spiritual being that has a body and an emotional body that needs release. The dark night of the soul is a vital messenger of what's not working in your life, so the healing can begin. It is a gift and should not be shunned through fear. Face her head on and allow the emotions to wash over you like a warm breeze. Sleep, meditate, cry, be gentle with yourself and when you've dumped your load of grief, allow yourself to be gently pulled out of the abyss. 

If you've given yourself the time to meditate, to go within or to walk on a beach, you have honored yourself with this time to heal and it will be easier to emerge into the light once more. Keep one eye on your dream so you don't get consumed by her and if you've lost your purpose or have no idea, remember, you are here for a reason, even if you don't see it yet. 

Of course, if the dark night continues for an extended period of time, then I certainly recommend getting external help from a psychologist or healer, for example. Just remember, you are not alone in this. It's a place we all visit and I believe the bigger the purpose, the more often we may visit this place. So embrace the dark, because the light is waiting for you and beams even stronger when you emerge. 

In love, light and gratitude

Jenny M Marie xo

Townsville - The Catalyst For Change!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

...continued on from last blog entry.

My journey as a healer continued on after Reiki and Spiritual Surgery for more than a decade, learning other modalities of healing and growing spiritually and getting stronger through life's trials. 

At this point I was going through a marriage separation and heading back to Brisbane from Townsville. Townsville would always hold a special place in my heart though.  This is where my life changed dramatically. My first and only child, my beautiful daughter, who is now 16 was born there. And after the 5 years spent in this humid, tropical town, no longer was I thinking that the usual humdrum of life would continue... stuck in a love starved and affection starved marriage, stuck in a career that just didn't satisfy my natural creative and intuitive nature. I was branching out. Of course at that point I didn't believe I was creative, as I'd been stuck in administration/bookkeeping roles for so long.  But now I could see that there were other opportunities opening up for me - ever so slowly.

My life changed forever in many ways - Townsville was the catalyst city.  And now I was heading to Brisbane for a whole new adventure with someone else.  I had already booked in to do a Medical Intuition workshop soon after I arrived and it so happened to be on my birthday.  Actually, I believe that's two workshops I've done on my birthday.  November must be a busy time for wonderful new re-learned knowledge as I do believe I've just been re-learning things from past lives - a healer in many lifetimes. The information and techniques learnt at this workshop were invaluable - I loved this workshop and yet, somehow I lost my notes from this course.  Why, when I'm usually so organised and careful about such matters? Perhaps I just didn't need them or perhaps I needed to discover my own techniques, but I did find that I had the opportunity later on down the track to practice these skills again in another modality called ThetaHealing, where the visuals were all the more vibrant.  For those who are unaware, a Medical Intuitive will use their intuitive abilities to scan and diagnose the body and energetic field for physical and emotional conditions.

I felt that after doing this workshop that I might continue with more studies into being a Medical Intuitive, but alas, I was to continue studying other forms of healing.  I can actually remember that I was starting to think back then, that I was a jack of all trades and a master of none... but everything became clearer as the years went by and I'm pleased I went on to learn other forms of healing....

I use Medical Intuition in my clinic, however, it does not replace the need to seek the services of a medical practitioner in many cases.  For more details about my healing services, please check out Soul Voice Healing.

... to be continued...

In love, light & integrity

Jenny - The Singing Healer :)

Godsmacked by Spiritual Surgery

Monday, September 01, 2014

... continued on from the last post...

Once I was working with the Reiki energy, doors of opportunity opened up in other areas of healing.  I was hooked and wanted to learn more and more. I wanted to know other methods of healing, I wanted to know why Reiki could help with some ailments and not others or why it might help one person with a certain ailment and not another. Basically I wanted to know the holy grail of healing. I had questions and wanted answers, not just for my own healing journey but how I could serve others to the best of my ability. 

I soon came across a man at the local markets who was promoting Spiritual Surgery (a.k.a. Zenna Healing). He was a practitioner of this modality - taught by a Kiwi named Brian Cattermole, who was coming to Queensland to do a workshop on becoming a practitioner of Spiritual Surgery. It sounded so fascinating so I went along to an information night with a friend who was also interested.  He invited us to experience this healing modality which works on the physical, through the auric field. Basically a surgeon on the other side, works through the practitioner's hands, healing physical problems on the recipient, through the auric field. 

During my session I was amazed - the practitioner had his hands fixed on the middle of my back and yet I could feel a type of pressure at the top of my spine as if someone was trying to push my spine straight. I guess this would be a good time to tell you I have Scoliosis, which is a side-ways curvature of the spine among other things. I was asking 'where are your hands' and he said in the middle of my back.  My friend also confirmed this.

Well there was no two ways about it, after that experience, I just knew this was a modality I had to learn.  This is where I first started grasping the idea that first we need to heal the emotional body before we can begin to heal the physical, in most cases. After becoming a practitioner, I was excited to work with this new modality along with Reiki.  If you'd like more details about this modality, Click Here: Spiritual Surgery

I use this modality during my Soul Voice Healing sessions, if I feel guided to, or my client feels this modality might help with their physical problem.  For more details regarding my Soul Voice Healing sessions, Click Here: Soul Voice Healing.

In Love, Light & Integrity

Jenny - The Singing Healer xx

Self-Healing Journey With Reiki

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Continuing on from my last entry...

After I experienced my first Reiki treatment 13-14 years ago, a shift occurred within me. I started going to my Reiki Master who was also a reflexology practitioner for regular reflexology treatments. And treat-ments they were. I had always sacrificed my own needs for everyone else and found it difficult to do something nice for myself. But at last I felt deserving of treating myself to something special. So once a fortnight, after work, before picking up my daughter from child care, I would go have a reflexology treatment. Oh it was divine. If you've never experienced a reflexology treatment, I can highly recommend it. It is so soooo relaxing.

After a given time, and many conversations with my Reiki Master and Reflexologist (we became good friends) I couldn't shake this feeling that I needed to learn Reiki - one of those feelings that keeps hounding you until you do something about it. I had always wanted to help people in some way and was never really happy in my current employ as a bookkeeper/administrator. So I decided to learn Reiki I from my friend, mentor and Reiki Master. It was a one-on-one workshop and attunement which made it very special. Before the attunement (opening the channels for the healing energy to flow), I can remember giving my Reiki Master a treatment - a test run on where to lay the hands. She mentioned that it felt like I'd already been attuned to Reiki, with the energy flowing freely, and my hands expelling a lot of heat, so it was determined I had a natural healing ability. And actually, my Reiki Master was so relaxed, she ended up falling asleep on the table. Here I was thinking... I hope I'm doing it right because she had gone right out to it?

It was after my Reiki attunement that more shifts happened within me. I found that it was a great guidance system for me and synchronistic events started to occur. A work colleague was telling me about her Naturopath and I decided to see him for guidance on a health issue. It was through this consultation that I found out I was gluten and lactose intolerant. I also asked about weight loss and he guided me on how to achieve this. I went on to give up gluten and lactose products and ended up losing approximately 17kg's in weight. I had suddenly found that I had this amazing will-power to give up the foods which were toxic to my body and lose weight. I knew that there was definitely something special about Reiki at this point.  

A few months later, I decided to learn Reiki II where I was taught the symbols, including a symbol to send healing via distance. After this experience, I had my first conscious astral travelling experience. My world was changing in so many ways and I was well on my way to learning all sorts of metaphysical subjects and about spirituality. I became an avid reader of all sorts of books on spirituality, healing and metaphysics. 

To be continued...

In love, light & integrity

Jenny - The Singing Healer xx

Welcome to The Heart of Healing Blog

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello and welcome to my first entry of The Heart of Healing blog.  Although this is my first entry, I'm certainly not a stranger to blogging, having spent quite a few years writing the Attitude of Gratitude blog, which I only write sporadically now.  .  

This first entry will mostly be about my experiences, which led me to becoming a healer and then we'll get into my background experience as a healer, the meatier topics of healing and I will welcome any questions as part of this.  

Before I begin, I must mention that, apart from my own background as a healer, much of the content will be based on my beliefs, so feel free to discard anything I write which does not resonate with you. However, I do ask that you keep an open mind to new information and wisdom I share.  And of course, I must also tell you that I am not a trained health care professional such as a medical doctor or naturopath, therefore with any advice I may provide on health and nutrition, I always recommend you seek the services of a trained health care professional before implementing any suggestions.  Although energy healing is beneficial for your health and well-being, it cannot always replace conventional methods of treatment.  

Where to begin... at the beginning I suppose!

Around the turn of the century (gee doesn't that make me sound old) - of course I'm talking the year 2000, I was introduced to Reiki (one of the most recognised and respected forms of energy healing). At the time, I had a couple of physical health issues I wanted to clear, without conventional medical methods. My sister had suggested I seek a Reiki practitioner.  At that time, I hadn't even heard of Reiki and back then, the only thing I could think of to find a practitioner was to let my fingers do the walking with the yellow pages.  Yes, haven't times changed? I was living in Townsville at the time and was drawn to a lady who was a Reiki Master... well, I figured she must be good if she's a Master.  I've since learned how easy it can be to become a Master these days, but this woman had really earned her stripes in the field.  I believe back then, more time was dedicated to becoming a Master. I'm sure there are still those who dedicate many hours to becoming a Master, today but I've also heard the stories of those who get their Masters in a weekend - and to quote Seinfeld... 'not that there's anything wrong with that'. We do live in a 'gotta have it now' era and everything seems to be fast paced these days.

Anyway, I went along to this Reiki session, not knowing what to expect - do I have to remove my clothes, will I be poked and prodded, do I sit or lay down, or will I have to do a hand stand?  Okay, so I jest with that last expectation but you get the general idea - I really didn't know what to expect.

So there I am laying on my back on a massage table.  I was still getting over a cold and was praying I wouldn't go into one of those coughing fits.  Apart from the expectation that I might cough laying down, I was experiencing the session as very relaxing. There's really nothing like that loving feeling you get from a person's touch. And then the inevitable happened (back then it was inevitable because I wasn't as positive as I am now and didn't want to make a scene) - I started coughing. I think the Reiki Master felt worse than I did about it... as in feeling bad for me... I'm sure she asked if I wanted some water at the time.  I was embarrassed and couldn't help thinking 'oh what if it doesn't work now, because I disturbed the energy flow'.  Well I've since learnt, that's poppycock. Of course, now in hindsight, I realise that the energy was working on my throat chakra.  Back then, there was a lot of stuff I had suppressed. I definitely wasn't speaking my truth and the throat chakra is all about communication and self expression - listening effectively and speaking up about our needs, our values and what's important to us.  

I can't quite remember how I felt after this session except relaxed, although I found it difficult to totally relax because I was very curious about the whole process and needed to analyse what was happening, as opposed to just letting go and fully enjoying the experience. But it certainly was the start of a whole new chapter (actually a book) in my life.

I'll continue with my journey as a healer in my next entry.

In love, light and integrity

Jenny - The Singing Healer xx

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