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Jenny The Singing Healer

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Attitude of Gratitude

I Wonder If The Seagulls Were Complaining

Saturday, February 27, 2016
Dear Souls,

We were experiencing quite windy conditions today. When I arose from bed this morning, I actually felt a chill... unusual for February weather in these parts (often our hottest month down under). 

Despite the wind, I decided to take a walk along the beach. To feel the wind blow through my hair seemed enticing today, despite the fact I also wanted to be sun safe and wear a hat. 

When I arrived and stepped out of my car, donning my hat, the wind appeared to be calmer here. Well, so I thought. When I made my way down to the sand, I could see how rough the conditions were. The sea was extremely choppy, the tide was high and the wind blew strongly, forcing me to hold my hat down at times. As I walked along, ever mindful of the strong tides that could pull you out to sea so easily, I felt the sting of the sand being carried along by the wind, cutting into my legs, as if I was receiving a natural dermabrasion. 

I stopped for a moment, just to watch the force of the sea and the seagulls scurry along when the waves washed in. Then the funniest thing brought laughter bubbling to the surface... I watched in amazement as seagulls fought against the wind, forcing them to walk sideways, like crabs. It was such a sight I'd never encountered before and I thanked them for the laughter it produced, at their expense.

I then walked up to the red flags and signs, saying 'Beach Closed'. And people took heed of the warnings... not a swimmer or a surfer in sight.  It always amuses me when I see a sign saying 'beach closed'. I mean, how can you actually close a beach? Are we meant to imagine there's a big fence up around it? It's like saying, my lungs are closed due to scheduled maintenance. It doesn't stop my lungs from breathing air, just as you can't really stop people from going out in the surf in such conditions. But alas, it seems that imaginary fence was working today.

Today I am grateful for an amusing, morning walk on the beach.

I am grateful that the photos I took were actually in focus. With the strong wind, it was difficult keeping my hands still.

I am grateful for something working out in my favor this past week and the helpful assistance I received.

I am grateful for a lazy Saturday, when I wasn't up to doing much after limited sleep.

I am grateful for air conditioning. Those winds got pretty warm today.

In love, light and gratitude

Jenny M Marie xo

We Struggle With The Same Things

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dear Souls,

I've been slowly getting back into writing and apart from a piece I wrote on the Dark Night of the Soul, I'm still struggling a little to get back into the flow. So perhaps the message for this article is to just write. If you've got the passion to write, just write anything. Write in your journal of the day's events, write about how you're feeling at the moment. Write a poem if it's bubbling up inside of you. Even if you don't share it, just write it. The more we practice writing, the easier it becomes and the more we tap into our soul and the wisdom of those we channel. It's like spilling your inner most thoughts out onto a page or screen and who knows how it can help someone else. 

We sometimes think we're all very different, but what I've found is someone will always resonate with what you have to say. They might say, 'did you just read my mind' or 'wow, that's exactly how I feel, I thought I was the only one'. I am reminded of a friend who put together a video on procrastination yesterday. Some of the things she spoke about was me to a T as if she knew me. But the simple fact is, many of us struggle with the same things, we just don't always talk about our shortcomings, publicly. 

Perhaps we all need to come out of the closet and share what we struggle with, because then we don't feel so alone in it.  It does not make us a failure, we need to cut ourselves some slack here. It just means there are areas in our life we need to work on, if we so choose, and that's just the human experience. 

Today I am grateful for well functioning fingers to type with.

I am grateful that I've put external influences aside and decided to just start writing again.

As I write this, I look over at my crystal and tibetan singing bowls and feel gratitude for these beautiful healing tools.

I am grateful for the lessons I learn. Some situations I get myself into, because I've ignored my intuition, are a constant reminder to trust my first instincts and act accordingly.

I am grateful as always for beautiful, giving friends and everyone who comes into my life for a reason, a season or a lifetime, to teach me something.

In love, light and gratitude

Jenny M Marie

Couch Potato

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hi everyone,

It's been a while and thought it was time to touch base again.  This year to date has sure been a challenging one. I thought the 2 years before were but this one has been challenging in a different way. This year I've had to take the focus off everyone else and place it on me.  I've always been one to help others whenever I could, however, I realized when my health was affected, it was time to look at what I really want out of life.  Huh, I'm still deciding and working through this.  I found I was trying to juggle too many balls because I wanted to do too much with my life... which actually had me going in circles, not getting much done at all.

I was recently diagnosed with a genetic disorder a couple of months ago.  Something I've had all my life but now have a better understanding - finding the answers to many questions.  It's funny you know... as a healer and I'm sure I can speak for other healers, we seem to have the most to heal. I guess that's so we have a better understanding of the healing process and empathy of what others are going through and how we can help them.  

Just when I was getting better with therapy, I was hit with the flu.  And this year has seen a nasty one. I don't normally get the flu as I dose myself up with natural products to aid my immune system, but I feel this was a bit of a healing crisis as I put the good stuff in... when that happens the bad stuff has to come out.  It's now been 4 weeks, and I'm just starting to get over it.

This time has been a blessing however.  I had almost 2 weeks of barely any sleep as I'd cough as soon as my head hit the pillow.  I was basically walking around like a zombie and all I could really do was watch TV...  even daytime TV, which I never watch.  The great thing about it is, I got to really relax - something I don't normally do these days. Well, I thought I was but really I wasn't - my mind always switched on with ideas floating around. So this brings me to what I'm grateful for.

I am grateful for this time to relax and figure out exactly what I want - well this year anyway.

Today I am grateful for answers to so many symptoms I've had during my life, many I took for granted as just being part of me.

I am grateful that I can now manage this and I know I am getting better and better every day.

I am grateful for a few really good friends who have been there for me during this challenging time.  I've gotta tell you, you sure find out who your real friends are when suddenly, you can no longer help them with their problems and need to look after number one.

I am grateful that I cannot sing at the moment because of my flu which has affected my voice.  When something we love is taken away from us, even temporarily, we appreciate it all the more. I look forward to being able to sing again soon.

Love, light & inspiring blessings

Jenny xx

The Heart of Gratitude

Monday, January 05, 2015

Hi beautiful souls,

This blog used to be a daily post for me, when I was learning the heart of gratitude.  You see, when I was younger, I was quite a negative and unhappy person.  And I could go on and blame my upbringing for this, my relationships, my whatever circumstances that happened to me, but at some point we need to take responsibility for our own lives and decide to change for the better.  God only knows, nobody else is going to do it for us. So, when do our lives become our own and when can we expect to start taking responsibility for our own life? Well, one of my closest friends and mentors said to me recently, it's when we hit puberty. You could dispute this and say it's when we officially become adults, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. 

Don't beat yourself up if, like me, you didn't see the light until much later in life. The important thing to know is we can only do our best with the resources we have at the time and some of us take a little more time than others to begin the journey to self discovery, if at all. And sometimes, it's all just a part of divine timing.

For me, starting a daily regime of gratitude was the turning point in being a happier and more positive person, and attracting more things to be grateful for.  And I'll tell you this, I wasn't an overnight success with this either.  It took persistence, shit getting in the way and then restarting a gratitude regime years later in the form of this blog, to really capture the essence of what gratitude is.  Basically, I had to fake it until I made it... until it truly became a way of life for me.

It was Oprah Winfrey who first opened my eyes to gratitude.  Because it was after seeing one of her shows on TV and speaking about writing 5 things to be grateful for in a journal, that I started on this long journey.  For me, gratitude probably took close to 10 years or even more to become a natural part of my life. 10 years you might say... yes a long time, but was it worth it?  It sure was :)

I am so happy and grateful for watching Oprah Winfrey that day and deciding to take action to change my life for the better.

I am grateful for stepping up in 2014, getting out of my comfort zone, countless times and becoming fearless when I was previously fearful.

I am grateful for my voice... something that I've hidden for so long because I never thought I was ever good enough and now using it for healing in one-on-one sessions and in public.

I am grateful for being brave the past couple of years... there have been many challenges and obstacles I've had to overcome and I'm proud of what I've achieved to date.

I am grateful for the great new friendships I've made, clients and students I've been able to assist in healing, teaching and inspiring and who have inspired and taught me in kind.

Love, light and inspired blessings

Jenny xx

Hometown and Closer to Love

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello everyone... today I flew down to my hometown of Adelaide.  I'm hoping to get a little rest in plus I'll be guest speaker at the spiritualist church I used to attend, also demonstrating the soul language (toning and singing and sometimes speaking). As well as this I'm taking the time to get some information from my mother about my ancestry for interest's sake and my childhood for the book I intend on writing soon.  Spirit has been pushing me to start this for ages and I've been told by a few people it will help a lot of people - so best I begin.

On the flight over I sat in the window seat, which is unlike me but I'm pleased I did.  I got to sit in the sun which would normally annoy the hell out of me but I laid back in my seat and took in the rays which I've been needing lately.  The view over Coolangatta was beautiful - I've never flown over the Gold Coast before.  Further down the track I looked down at the clouds which looked like white cotton candy - so fluffy and white, I'd love to have just floated down onto them.

Once I arrived, I was surprised to find the 14 degree C temperature quite warm in the sun.  I really do love the gentle warmth of the winter sun.  And I'm hoping to soak up some more rays here by going for a few walks, my usual spot - the cemetery. Yes I know I'm a little odd but I love the peacefulness of the place.

I am so happy & grateful for being back in my hometown of Adelaide.

I am grateful for the beautiful scenery from above - the Coolangatta view, the clouds and the view over the sea in Adelaide.

I am grateful for the gifts Spirit has bestowed on me and the courage to start using them in service to others.

I am grateful for a special man who has waltzed into my life. More details to come after I actually meet him lol

I am grateful for beautiful long conversations with a man who makes me laugh and laugh.

Love, light & inspired blessings

Jenny xx

Nature Is My Church

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello beautiful souls,

It's been 2 months since my last gratitude blog and yes I feel like I'm confessing here.  Time seems to fly by and before I know it, 60 days have somehow escaped my notice.

I am grateful for the chance to get out in nature yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny, winter's day and I took a 1 1/2 hour walk in the rainforest at Mt Tamborine, which is in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Australia. I also got to hug a few trees... well actually one tree, others had loose bark and I wondered what lurked behind it.... I know how much spiders love trees. But I did exchange energy with these trees and enjoyed the experience.  It was also great to have a wander around markets I'd never been to before and take home an Abalone shell.  I'd been searching for a shell such as this for quite sometime to use for burning my white sage for smudging.  I then enjoyed lunch and a drink with live music.  It was a magical day.

I am grateful for the beautiful winter days we've been enjoying here on the Gold Coast... most days sunny and I love to bathe in that winter sun, just like a cat would.

I am grateful for the trip I have planned for my hometown of Adelaide.  A little bit of rest, a little bit of fact-finding and a little bit of work.  And I'm hoping to take the sun with me to the colder weather there.

I am grateful for the opportunities which have been presented to me and future opportunities to share my story and the soul language I channel.

I am grateful for fellow sensitive friends who understand where I'm coming from... I'm not alone.

In love, light & integrity

Jenny the Singing Healer xx

Life's Lessons

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello beautiful souls,

I always feel like I'm in a constant state of change.  I've felt like this for a very long time, in particular, the past couple of years when I asked Spirit to just get the lessons over with. As they say, be careful what you wish for as you just might get it. Sometimes I have to ask Spirit to give me a break from the lessons because it's bang, bang, bang, one after another and I need a breather.  Starting to think I'm just a very slow learner. Do any of you feel the same way - that you are continuously evolving at such a fast rate? Perhaps it's just that I am so highly sensitive, that everything seems to affect me so intensely. 

Today I realised that something I thought I'd put behind me and accepted, was not the case - I was affected emotionally, so I know this is something I'm yet to clear within myself.  When something is triggered within ourselves.... when we feel a negative emotion such as sadness or anger, regret or frustration etc, we know there is something within ourselves which needs to be acknowledged and healed.  When we want to evolve - when we find this is important to us, it's important not to ignore these triggers and seek the help we need to clear these issues.  It's not always easy to clear these issues ourselves, so sometimes it's wise to get help from others.  Use your intuition to guide you to the solutions you seek.

Today I am so happy & grateful for the chance to spend some quality time with my daughter who celebrated her Sweet 16th Birthday.

I am grateful for the beautiful young woman my daughter is blossoming into... beautiful inside and out.

I am grateful for a friend taking the time to phone me today, offering advice.

I am grateful for the gifts I have to share, my creativity and my loving, compassionate and nurturing spirit.

I am grateful for my persistence; still forging forward when others would have given up on their dreams long ago.

Love, light and inspired blessings

Jenny xx

A Return to Gratitude

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hi beautiful souls.... Just when I was about to start a new blog on healing, I felt guided to come back to this old one.. Attitude of Gratitude.  Yes it's been quite sometime since I wrote an entry for this blog, which was once a daily venture.  

The reason I'm coming back to it? It seems I've allowed the uncertainty of my future to cloud my once positive thoughts and that always means I need to bring myself back to that state of unwavering faith, and remind myself of all the awesome things I'm grateful for.

This past week I've taken some time away from people to go within - I called it my silent week.  I spent my time in meditation, working on past life issues and lots of thinking and reflection about what's not working in my life.  I realise now I'd spend my time more wisely, thinking of all the things that could and are going right instead of what's not working in my life.

So today I placed a post-it note on my bathroom mirror to remind myself to keep my thoughts positive.  When we focus on what we don't want, we just attract to us more of what we don't want.... so now my challenge to myself is to surrender to God, allowing the fears to be released and to start visualising once more on what I do want.

Today I am so happy and grateful for some really awesome friends of mine who have the biggest hearts and are the biggest support system I have in place.

I am grateful for the wonderful coaches I've attracted to me, just when I needed them the most - one for business and one to help me grow spiritually.  Both are amazing, gifted and beautiful souls and I count my blessings every day to have you in my life, to guide me.  Love ya both.

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter who is blossoming so wonderfully into a young woman with a compassionate heart and has such a responsible head on her shoulders.  She has become my teacher for being grounded.

I am grateful for living in one of the most liveable places in Australia - the Gold Coast, where I have the opportunity to walk on the beach any time I like.

I am grateful for this past year, where I've finally had the chance to live alone.  I love my solitude because it has allowed me the time to reflect and heal many past issues.  And I can pretty much do whatever I like, whenever I like and that to me is freedom :)

Yours in love and light and blessed to be here

Jenny xx

A New Chapter in My Life

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Well it's certainly been a long time since my last blog; over 2 months actually.  I decided today with one thing after another going wrong this week, that maybe I needed to focus a little harder on finding blessings in the every day and even in the things that have not been easy.  

In the last week I've had my heart broken, my laptop crash (having to purchase a new one plus software) with the only back up of some files being on a Flash Drive which also decided to become corrupted, get my head around the new Windows 8 which I found quite challenging, sort out sound issues and today I ate cold curry because the microwave at work wasn't working.  But you know what, I always know there is someone worse off than me.  

My broken heart has taught me a lot about enjoying the present moment, to focus more on myself and love me more. I have a daughter who loves me, I have a roof over my head, I had enough savings to purchase a new laptop & software, I have a new part-time job which I'm enjoying, a day off during the week to work on my business and study, I'm intelligent enough to work out the (what were they thinking of) new Windows 8 with the help of Google (thank God for Google) and at least I had food to eat.  It can be quite humbling to reflect on the silver lining of things gone wrong.

I am so happy & grateful for life's experiences, even difficult and painful ones, as  I have always and always will grow stronger because of them.  I have built up resilience, courage and strength to bounce back very quickly, never being down for long.  Many would have given up where I have kept striving forward, ever hopeful that one day I'll make my mark and have someone special in my life.

I am grateful for my new job.  I was doing 2 part-time jobs but with the one I'm feeling more settled and I have a variety of work including retail and writing - 2 things I've  wanted to do in my job for a while.  I manifested just about perfectly what I wanted - working 4 full days (almost) in the health & wellness industry and learning about nutrition which has a flow-on effect with helping my healing clients.

I am grateful for the lovely people I work with in a pretty stress-free environment.

I am grateful for my health and added vitality since I gave up the more stressful job to take on more hours in the other job, started changing my diet and getting some good quality supplements into me.

I am grateful that my crashed laptop and files has given me the opportunity to start afresh.

Song of the Day

Love, light & inspiring blissings

Jenny xx

Flood of Love & Support

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hi folks.... it was a beautiful sunny day on the Gold Coast today, although it has been a tad chilly the past couple of days.  I told myself today that I wasn't going to whinge about the cold because soon enough I will be complaining about the humidity and I cope a lot better with the chilly mornings and nights than when I'm sweating like a busy prostitute on Valentine's Day.

The past couple of weeks have seen many ups and downs in my emotions.  I know I'm not the only one experiencing this either, after talking to my friends.  Blame it on Mercury in Retrograde, Solar Flares, a Super Full Moon or whatever other planetary transitions are in motion but I feel that I'm at the precipice of a big shift.  I believe the reason for all these planetary changes are to help surface all the crap from our past which is holding us back, so we can once and for all shift it, so we can move on to do bigger and better things.  

Over the weekend I attended a workshop to open the 4th eye.  This was preceded by releasing some past baggage and blockages.  Wow, I certainly felt this to be very powerful and was quite emotional.  The next day I was on a downer but that night I had an amazing shift.  I said no to how I was thinking about things and decided right then and there I was going to stop torturing myself with thoughts of things I had absolutely no control over and just let go.  The next day I was feeling so much better, so much lighter and freer.  It also certainly helped while going through a transition to have a little sunshine to head down to the beach for a walk a couple of times.  Once more I was feeling so much gratitude in my heart.  What better place to be when you are healing yourself than to be in an area where you can easily get to the beach.  Being near the water is so healing for me.

There's definitely more healing to come, and like I said, I feel I'm so close to releasing some major stuff that has been holding me back for so long.  That's exciting and yet I know there is some resistance to uncovering what's hidden there. But one thing I've learned, is that I have great courage and I will succeed in my quest, however long it takes.

I am so grateful for so many things.  One thing that sticks out for me over the past couple of weeks is the love and support from friends.  One friend could see I'd been struggling a little and offered to send me some books and incense, not to mention his advice.  A work colleague offered to help me with healing my inner child if I needed help with it, and after sitting with this for a week, I decided to accept her offer.  Another friend after helping her, offered me a Lomi Lomi Massage.  A facebook friend who I hadn't met yet, invited me to her place to chat.  Not to mention all my other wonderful supportive friends on Facebook who are always willing to chat... I only need to ask.  I have been absolutely flooded with love, support and kindness and for this I am most grateful.

I am grateful for learning to ask for help and learning to accept help.  Asking for help has always been a difficult task for me.  Yep, I'm stubborn and always want to try and do everything for myself.  I guess that comes back down to releasing control and allowing myself to surrender.  I've realised for so long, Spirit has done their best to shower me with abundance and yet I've not allowed myself to accept these gifts.  Call it lack of self-worth or feeling I don't deserve it or just not loving myself enough, but even now I have to pull myself up sometimes when I see I'm throwing the help offered back at people.  Pride gets you nowhere.  Spirit knows how much I've given to others and they want nothing more than to give me what I've deserved for so long.  I kindly accept.... with thanks.

I am grateful for the opportunity to stand in my power.  I've never been one who likes to start a fight or who enjoys conflict.  Actually I've always done the opposite and tried my best to avoid it at any cost, which has not gone in my favour. Sometimes you just have to take a stand for what you believe in your heart to be right, even if that means having to get a little uncomfortable with getting your point across.  Now I speak up, even if it means my voice has to shake a little.

I am grateful for my awareness and the tools I have at my disposal to help myself and others.  And the wisdom to know that sometimes I need a little help from others and seek or accept that help.

I am grateful for the downs, because without them I would not appreciate the highs.  Forever grateful and feeling blessed.

Song of the Day

Love, light & inspiring blissings

Jenny xxx

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